Top 5 Places to Shop for Smart Home Appliances


Choosing home appliances is a task that requires much thought. This is because you cannot afford to buy the first thing you lay your eyes on when it comes to home appliances. You need to buy home appliances that are durable and of the highest quality. The only way to do this is to ensure you buy your appliances from highly rated stores. Below are top 5 places to shop for smart home appliances.

1. Abt Electronics

Abt electronics is an online store where you can get quality appliances. This online store has received numerous positive reviews. There are certain reasons why you need to get your appliances form Abt Electronics. First and foremost, there is a wide selection of appliances from the shop to choose from. This is important because it means you can get all you need at one site. The other great thing about Abt electronics is the fact that the checkout is very easy. This is something that cannot be said for other online stores. Last but not least, the goods are very affordable.


Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the world. There numerous goods to choose from, easy check-out and most importantly affordable goods. The main advantage of Amazon however is the fact that this online retailer also sells goods from other retailers it is therefore almost impossible not to get what you are looking for. The fact that Amazon is open to customers around the world is another great advantage. This means you can get quality goods from the comfort of your home no matter the distance.

3. Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the best places to get large appliances. Most online retailers in most cases deal with small sized appliances. This is mainly believed to be because of shipping issues. However, Best Buy offers great offers on large appliances and good and affordable hipping services. Apart from these, the appliances are also very affordable and of good quality and will go a long way in making your home look good.

4. Costco

When doing shopping for home appliances, everyone wants to be given assistance and good services. Costco is known for being very attentive and helpful to customers. Costco is also known for having a very easy checkout. This is very important because it saves you a lot of time while shopping. The quality of goods is also very high at Costco. They however deal with small appliances.

5. Pacific Sales

When it comes to large appliances, Pacific Sales is at the forefront when it comes to selection of goods. They have a very wide selection of good quality appliances compared to bigger retailers like Amazon. The checkout is also very fast. If you are looking for large home appliances that are affordable and of good quality, pacific sales is the place for you.

In conclusion, it is very important to know what exactly you are looking for when choosing a place to get your home appliances. This is because it will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent visiting one retailer from the next. It is also a good idea to seek recommendations from friends and family who have bought home appliances before. This will save you time on doing research.

STOP making these pressure cooking MISTAKES!

best pressure cooker

Cooking is an art form that requires skills and knowledge of all the tools at your disposal. Take help of this guide to find the best pressure cooker for your kitchen.

Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate that expertise that goes into this activity. For example, many people do not know how to handle a pressure cooker so that it can produce delicious food. If you are one of these people, do not worry because even excellent chefs need training on this type of kitchenware. The first step in using it properly is to realize when you are making a mistake. It is likely that you are doing something wrong if you under-cook the food or if the liquid in it is excessive. Other signs of possible mistakes you could be making while using a pressure cooker include completely dry food or lack of any flavor even when you use spices. Moreover, the food should not take too long to cook if you are doing everything right. If you notice any of these signs, then it might be time to stop making these pressure cooking mistakes!

You should not lift the lid off the cooker while the food is not yet ready.

Humans are impatient even when it comes to cooking. They check whether the food is ready constantly without knowing that this habit could actually cause the food to become less tasty than it normally is. These cookers use the pressure of steam to prepare the food. Lifting the lid causes some of the steam to escape meaning that the pressure inside the cooker reduces. In this case, it has to build up pressure again interrupting the cooking process. If you lift the lid repeatedly, then you interfere with the preparation of the food repeatedly. It means the food will take longer than usual to become ready and it might not even be as tasty as it ought to be when it is ready.

You should not use it to prepare food items with different cooking times.

Shortcuts are necessary in life and sometimes they make sense, but not when it comes to food preparation. It is important to note that each food has its cooking time and only a number of them have the same time. You should prepare them based on their preparation times as opposed to trying to cook everything at once. The result is that one food will be ready before the other at a particular time. If you stop cooking at this point, you will under-cook the other food. Conversely, if you continue preparing the food, then you will overcook the first food. It is a win-lose situation so do not attempt it. Cooking food based on their preparation times is a win-win situation.

You should make sure that you use the right cooking recipe.

Preparing food involves much more than just putting something delicious on the table. You also have to maintain the nutritional value of the food so that it nourishes the body of those who are consuming it. Balancing these two aspects of cooking i.e. tastiness and nutrition is not easy and as such, a recipe is necessary to make sure that you get it right. Unfortunately, many people just throw food into a pressure cooker waiting for it to become ready without thinking about the nutritional value of the final product. Do not make the same mistake. Follow the right recipe systematically so that your food is both delicious and nutritious.


Top 10 Intelligent Smart Home Appliances for Modern-Day Homeowners!

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Smart and intelligent home appliances have taken off. It is, therefore, imperative for modern day homeowners to keep up with technological advancements by embracing these developments. Without this, you will miss the future. Some people are quick to dismiss the rationale behind having smart appliances. Some years back, these claims could have been valid. However, at this point having a smart device is not a gimmick but a desirable luxury. With this in mind, it is imperative to embrace the smart appliances idea.

1. Nest Thermostat

With the increasing cost of energy, a Nest thermostat is a top device for cutting down the cost of electricity. This machine serves to optimize your energy usage and reduce unnecessary electrical bills. Besides cutting down the cost of electricity, the Nest thermostat is also able to learn your energy preferences and adjust itself accordingly.

2. SONTE Smart Film

This smart appliance regulates the luminosity of your rooms. This machine is also referred to as a digital shade. It is placed on the windows to control the amount of light getting in. It achieves this by intelligently making the window transparent or translucent depending on the quantity of light passing through the windows.

3. Smart Video doorbell

This smart app features a camera integrated into the doorbell system. The camera is then linked to your smartphone allowing you to see through the doorbells camera.

4. August Smart Lock

This smart app provides a homeowner with complete control over who can access your home. For instance, it can intelligently allow someone few hours’ access or even lifetime access to your home. It also tracks all attempts and the ability to view logs remotely.

5. Whirlpool Smart Washer and Dryer

This intelligent washer-dryer combo used a patented sixth sense technology. Besides intelligently washing and drying your clothes, it also provides the owner on stat log when cycles start when they are completely or even when it requires optimal maintenance.6. LG’s Smart Fridge. This intelligent fridge uses the recipe bank app technology and a premium air filtration system. The state of the art filtration system allows the user to monitor the conditions inside the refrigerator and adjust them accordingly.

7. Agilewaves Home Energy Dashboard

This home appliance controls your home’s energy consumption. It intelligently alters the energy consumption by tweaking the conditioners or even dim the lights.

8. LG’s Smart Oven

This oven uses Wi-Fi benefits. This oven allows you to your food inside the oven and allows you to motor the progress from your smartphone. It lets you download and programmable recipes.

9. The Smart Home Fryer

This best deep fryer has got excellent reviews which intelligently adjusts the temperatures depending on what you are cooking. The user is only authorized to select what he or she is cooking, and the fryer takes over. Besides this, it also has a custom setting that allows the user to program the fryer based on the individual interests.

10. The LG’s HOM-BOT

This is an intelligent vacuum home help. Its eye-mapping feature allows it to identify the environment and define the most appropriate cleaning paths.Ideally, technological advancements have revolutionized the operations of home appliances. Activities that were manually done can know be delegated to machines. It has made household chores easy and economical for homeowners.

The Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances are not typical household accessories that can be easily returned if you are not satisfied with their performances. They are also not something you will replace in a year or two. These are long-term commitments and should be treated with great care. Buyer’s remorse is an awful experience but it can be avoided when you learn how to buy smartly. When looking to buy household appliances, here are a number of things that you need to take into account.

Watch out for these 10 things when buying smart home appliances:

  1. When you’re looking to invest in new home appliances, the first thing to consider is use. This decision is generally based on things like the user of the appliance, the purpose of the appliance in the house and so on. This consideration will allow you to narrow down the quality of appliance you need.
  2. Another topic to take into consideration when buying home appliances is your budget.

When you have two different appliances that serves the same purpose, take your time and make up your mind on which option is the best for you. This will be determined by that particular appliance that will serve you best and to the satisfactory. Once you know what you consider most important, you can start building your budget around those features.

  1. You also have to consider your space when looking at new home appliances. On this case you have to consider the following:

What is going to fit it best?

What is going to be aesthetically pleasing?

What is going to bring value to your home and ultimately return your investment?

This requires you to consider things like style, durability, and ease of use.

Beware that shopping smarter is the way to go when you’re looking to build or upgrade your property.

  1. User experiences and references (if possible talk to your local technician on the practicality of buying a particular brand or model). For this case, it’s always to pick an appliance that is user friendly. An appliance that you are familiar with and you can be able to use it with the maximum ease.
  2. You also have to ascertain the availability of spares. For each and every appliance bought, there is a probability that it might break down in future and stop its functionality. For such a case. Repairing it is inevitable. As a result, you need to ensure that there is an availability of spare part. This definitely will make your work easier.
  3. In case of on-site warranty confirm service charges, cartage, turnaround time, etc., you have to ensure that you be well informed on how to go about them. This information is of great help in future.
  4. Sales persons in their zeal to clinch the deal often make big commitments. You just have to be keen about the deal under way. Ensure that your deal is based on a transparent ground. Try to verify their claims. This will always keep you on the frontline of clarity and understanding i.e., you cannot be easily deceived on the deal bargain.
  5. It’s always important to be well informed on the tentative times that your appliances take for routine repairs. This will greatly help you to maintain their stands. It will be economical since they will manage to last longer due to these maintenance practices.
  6. Consider whether it can be easily repaired at your neighborhood after the lapse of warrant. This will help you to know its advantages or disadvantages over the other similar appliances. Consider purchasing an appliance that can be repaired at your neighborhood so as to cut on transportation expenses.
  7. Service terms and conditions. Consider whether it is on-site or you will have to carry it to the service center. This will help be determine on the additional costs apart from the purchases. If it’s out of site, then you definitely have to undergo a high expense since you have to get it to the right place.


Keeping these points in mind will no doubt lead to many years of fond association with your smart home appliances. Nothing can be more relaxing than the satisfaction of money well spent. You definitely need to get back your money worth. Give it all it deserves for the satisfaction guarantee.

Top 5 Myths about Smart Home Appliances


In this era of technological advancement, technology has made its way into places people would never have envisaged it would a couple of years back. These appliances have reinvented the meaning of life as we used to know it not so long ago. Today, most home appliances are smart a fact that has made life easier and more convenient. Human beings, however, have a tendency of coming up with myths to fill the blanks of snippets of knowledge when they don’t know anything or are not very sure about or familiar with it. Because of this, there have been quite notorious rumors about smart home appliances. Some of the top five rumors include:

1. They are carcinogenic

This is the top myth about smart home appliances. Most people are afraid of using these appliances like microwaves and fridges because they are afraid of getting the fatal disease. What people actually don’t understand is that these devices cannot in any way or form cause you any harm unless you are misusing its functions. When you don’t handle food properly in some of these appliances you expose it to dangerous carbons that may eventually cause illnesses like cancer. If you are careful and use them as instructed by the manufacturer then you will have no problems whatsoever.

2. They cannot be hacked

For some reason, people also believe that smart appliances that are commonly installed in homes cannot be hacked. This is simply not true. Any appliance or device that is an android or can connect with other devices as well as the internet can be invaded because someone already has a gateway with which to slink in and cause damage.

3. They cause impotence

It is also not true that smart home appliances cause impotence. Again this is a fear born out of uncertainties because of lack of knowledge. The only time such a device can cause impotence is when it has been grossly misused. A good example is using laptops directly on the lap without a barrier. The radiations can cause impotence in men, which is why the manufacturers request for people to use a pillow or some other barrier.

4. They are 100% safe

Smart home appliances are not 100% safe. In fact, nothing ever really is. It is for this reason therefore that one has to be cautious when using these appliances to protect themselves from harm. Everything in life poses a risk. We only estimate the risk and approximate safety. Otherwise, harm is always at the corner waiting to strike.

5. They spy on people

It has also been a great fear for many people that smart home appliances are being used by the government to spy on people. It is not true. If your devices have spyware, you can be able to use a spyware detector and have them removed if you don’t need them. No manufacturers would have the motivation or capital to install spyware on equipment just so the government can play “peeping tom.”
It is important to slay the baseless rumors that are troubling people about innovative, smart appliances so that they can evolve into the technological savvy society and enjoy the fruits of modern technology.