Top 5 Myths about Smart Home Appliances


In this era of technological advancement, technology has made its way into places people would never have envisaged it would a couple of years back. These appliances have reinvented the meaning of life as we used to know it not so long ago. Today, most home appliances are smart a fact that has made life easier and more convenient. Human beings, however, have a tendency of coming up with myths to fill the blanks of snippets of knowledge when they don’t know anything or are not very sure about or familiar with it. Because of this, there have been quite notorious rumors about smart home appliances. Some of the top five rumors include:

1. They are carcinogenic

This is the top myth about smart home appliances. Most people are afraid of using these appliances like microwaves and fridges because they are afraid of getting the fatal disease. What people actually don’t understand is that these devices cannot in any way or form cause you any harm unless you are misusing its functions. When you don’t handle food properly in some of these appliances you expose it to dangerous carbons that may eventually cause illnesses like cancer. If you are careful and use them as instructed by the manufacturer then you will have no problems whatsoever.

2. They cannot be hacked

For some reason, people also believe that smart appliances that are commonly installed in homes cannot be hacked. This is simply not true. Any appliance or device that is an android or can connect with other devices as well as the internet can be invaded because someone already has a gateway with which to slink in and cause damage.

3. They cause impotence

It is also not true that smart home appliances cause impotence. Again this is a fear born out of uncertainties because of lack of knowledge. The only time such a device can cause impotence is when it has been grossly misused. A good example is using laptops directly on the lap without a barrier. The radiations can cause impotence in men, which is why the manufacturers request for people to use a pillow or some other barrier.

4. They are 100% safe

Smart home appliances are not 100% safe. In fact, nothing ever really is. It is for this reason therefore that one has to be cautious when using these appliances to protect themselves from harm. Everything in life poses a risk. We only estimate the risk and approximate safety. Otherwise, harm is always at the corner waiting to strike.

5. They spy on people

It has also been a great fear for many people that smart home appliances are being used by the government to spy on people. It is not true. If your devices have spyware, you can be able to use a spyware detector and have them removed if you don’t need them. No manufacturers would have the motivation or capital to install spyware on equipment just so the government can play “peeping tom.”
It is important to slay the baseless rumors that are troubling people about innovative, smart appliances so that they can evolve into the technological savvy society and enjoy the fruits of modern technology.