STOP making these pressure cooking MISTAKES!

best pressure cooker

Cooking is an art form that requires skills and knowledge of all the tools at your disposal. Take help of this guide to find the best pressure cooker for your kitchen.

Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate that expertise that goes into this activity. For example, many people do not know how to handle a pressure cooker so that it can produce delicious food. If you are one of these people, do not worry because even excellent chefs need training on this type of kitchenware. The first step in using it properly is to realize when you are making a mistake. It is likely that you are doing something wrong if you under-cook the food or if the liquid in it is excessive. Other signs of possible mistakes you could be making while using a pressure cooker include completely dry food or lack of any flavor even when you use spices. Moreover, the food should not take too long to cook if you are doing everything right. If you notice any of these signs, then it might be time to stop making these pressure cooking mistakes!

You should not lift the lid off the cooker while the food is not yet ready.

Humans are impatient even when it comes to cooking. They check whether the food is ready constantly without knowing that this habit could actually cause the food to become less tasty than it normally is. These cookers use the pressure of steam to prepare the food. Lifting the lid causes some of the steam to escape meaning that the pressure inside the cooker reduces. In this case, it has to build up pressure again interrupting the cooking process. If you lift the lid repeatedly, then you interfere with the preparation of the food repeatedly. It means the food will take longer than usual to become ready and it might not even be as tasty as it ought to be when it is ready.

You should not use it to prepare food items with different cooking times.

Shortcuts are necessary in life and sometimes they make sense, but not when it comes to food preparation. It is important to note that each food has its cooking time and only a number of them have the same time. You should prepare them based on their preparation times as opposed to trying to cook everything at once. The result is that one food will be ready before the other at a particular time. If you stop cooking at this point, you will under-cook the other food. Conversely, if you continue preparing the food, then you will overcook the first food. It is a win-lose situation so do not attempt it. Cooking food based on their preparation times is a win-win situation.

You should make sure that you use the right cooking recipe.

Preparing food involves much more than just putting something delicious on the table. You also have to maintain the nutritional value of the food so that it nourishes the body of those who are consuming it. Balancing these two aspects of cooking i.e. tastiness and nutrition is not easy and as such, a recipe is necessary to make sure that you get it right. Unfortunately, many people just throw food into a pressure cooker waiting for it to become ready without thinking about the nutritional value of the final product. Do not make the same mistake. Follow the right recipe systematically so that your food is both delicious and nutritious.